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Copper Shingles

Through the years, architects have valued the metal as an excellent roofing material. The metal defines the realisation of a prestigious style when it links with other modern and classic material and if we use copper, a material of striking charm, we can have a better result. As time passes, the copper gradually changes colour: from glittering gold to reddish brown and finally to the green patina which blends perfectly with the environment, but the most important characteristics are strength and durability of the roof. Tegola Canadese Copper Shingles comes in 3 profile namely Prestige Traditional, Prestige Compact and Prestige Elite.

Prestige Traditional
Oxidised bitumen with a glass-fibre carrier mat of 125 gr covered with copper sheet.

Prestige Compact / Elite
Bituminous shingles with two fibreglass layers. Shingles completely covered with copper.

Material Elite Compact Traditional
Length Width (mm) 1.000 x 340 1.000 x 340 1.000 x 340
Thickness 5 mm 5 mm 3 mm
Copper Thickness 70 microns 70 microns 70 microns
Weight/sqm NR. 14 kg 7.5 kg 11 kg
Shingles/sqm 6,9 3,45 6,9
Tensile Strength:
Longitudinal 2.000 N/5 cm 2.000 N/5 cm 1.000 N/5 cm
Transverse 2.000 N/5 cm 2.000 N/5 cm 800 N/5 cm
Puncture Resistance 400 N 400 N >2.500 N
Sliding (90° C) 0 mm (90° C) 0 mm (90° C) 0 mm
Peeling Resistance 500 N/m 500 N/m 500 N/m