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All Build Out to Promote US Roof Shingles

ALL Build Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Owens Corning shingles in Malaysia and Singapore , is investing at least RM100,000 annually to advertise and promote the US-made shingles as an alternative to the ubiquitous clay tiles.

Where the marketing of shingles was previously done on an ad-hoc basis, All Build would now promote the shingles “in a systematic manner,” ?its managing director Lim Ann Kok told Star Business recently.

He said that though not new in Malaysia , shingles were still relatively unknown here and over the last six years, Owens Corning's fibreglass asphalt singles roofing system had been used in a fewselect homes.

“Our most prestigious project currently is the Sultan of Selangor's palace at Precinct 8 in Putrajaya,” Lim said.

Other projects undertaken by the company through its wholly owned subsidiary AB Roofing Systems Sdn Bhd include prestigious homes throughout Malaysia , country clubhouses, office buildings and gazebos.

Lim pointed out that ultimately, once shingles were more commonly accepted, he expected to market them to expand.

Lim said that All Build was also looking to supply roofs for mid range homes and work with developers on projects.

“A lot of interest has been shown in recent months by architects who are keen on shingle roofs and we can expect a lot of our business to come from that segment,” he said.

Lim pointed out that ultimately, once shingles were more commonly accepted, he expected to market them to expand.

Owens Corning is the original creator of glass fibre material, commonly known as fibreglass.

Lim said the shingles were imported froth the US where 80% of roofing was constructed using shingles with the other 20% using clay or concrete.

He said the reason was because many areas in the US were prone to hurricanes and similar inclement weather making the need for strong roofing and a high degree of waterproofing vital.

“Owens Corning shingles are made to emulate stone slates but since they are artificial, have infinitely more variety, are more consistent and have a large number of' attributes making them ideal for roofing in Malaysia ,” Lim said.

Mounted on 12mm thick ply wood decking, the shingles come in a variety of colours. They are light weight and flexible, thus allowing for different roof shapes, waterproof, quicker to install, are fungal-resistant and carry war ranties ranging from 30-50 years.

The shingles have a layered construction with a shingle sealant at the bottom, a layer of weather grade asphalt, a fibre glass mat, another layer of weather grade asphalt and finally, mineral surface granules embedded in layer of asphalt, the granules being of crushed basalt rockwhich give the shingles the varying shades of colour.

The alternating layers of asphalt and the fibre glass mat offer great protection as these prevent buckling, blistering and curling as well as resist moisture absorption, plus all Owens Corning shingles have a Class A fire rating and wind resistance rating in the US .

“Once installed and nailed down, the shingles are very strong and weather resistant, they won't come off in strong winds. Plus, in the installation process, the overlap is significant, preventing water being blown in from under the edges.

“In addition, the plywood decking makes it almost impossible for people to break into the house through the roof and the decking provides strength enabling one to walk on the roof in complete safety,” Lim said.

All Build, incorporated in 1991,provides Owens Corning's entire roofing system which comprises Ventsure Ridge Vents for bal anced air flow and temperatures, Owens Corning Heart of Pink which is the fibre glass mat and Weather Lock Waterproofing Underlayment, to prevent wind-dri ven rain from seeping in between the shingles and the deck.

According' to Lirn, there is a “range for the shingles with costs running from RM30 to RM80 per sq m, a large variety of colours and in an effort to meet customer needs, All Build is making sure that it would have sufficient stock, especially the more popular shades.

All Build, whose sales have doubled every year since it diversified into roofing systems six years ago, estimated the roofing market at between 1.4 million and 1.5 mil lion sq m a month for homes and buildings excluding industrial properties, which translated into around RM6mil to RM7mil month, Lim said.

“We hope to at least double our sales with our representative range, the Oakridge PRO Series Shingles, in which Oakridge PRC 30 signifies a 30-year warranty Oakridge PRO 40, 40 years and Oakridge PRO 50, a 50-yearwarabty ,” Lim said.

“And to add value to the Owens Corning shingles we distribute AB Roofing will handle the installation with a two-year warranty or the workmanship.”

6 November 2002