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ARMORTAB Super Shingles

For both beauty and optimum durability. See all colours available for ARMORTAB SUPER Shingles

ARMORTAB SUPER 5-tab Shingles with Super Sealant Technology: a unique and elegant statement without the high cost and weight of real slate. These beautiful shingles also offer an affordable alternative to other roofing materials and are built to provide enduring style that provides 30-Years Limited Warranty*.

  • SUPER Sealant technology
  • 30-Years Limited Warranty*
  • max. 180-KMPH Wind Resistance Limited Warranty*
  • Algae Resistance Limited Warranty*
  • Genuine allure of natural slate

Product Specifications

Normal Size
Bond Type
Wind Resistance
Length 1000 MM
Width 333 MM
Exposure 143 MM
SQ 9.15 M2
Bundle 2.29 M2
SQ 95 Kg
Bundle 24 Kg
SQ 64 Pcs
  4 Bundles
Bundle 16 Pcs
  SUPER sealant
  Max. 180Km/h