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Product Details

OakEuro® W

OakEuro® W

OakEuro® W

OakEuro® W Shingles

Plus Way to Make Your Roof Better

OakEuro® six-sided shingles offer increased curb-appeal and more sophisticated alternative to traditional shingles. Owens Corning™ Oak Euro® shingles can make any home rise above the rest. If you are interested in standing out from your neigbours, OakEuro® can help you deliver better solutions and more style choices. OakEuro® shingles are backed by 25-Years limited product warranty and CE certification.

  • 25-Years Limited Warranty*
  • Soft, Subdued Shadow Gradation
  • CE certified Certificate number : 1020-CPD-010026751 (2010)
  • * See actual warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements

Product Specifications

Normal Size
Bond Type
Wind Resistance
Length 1000 MM
Width 323 MM
Exposure 146 MM
SQ 9.34 M2
Bundle 2.34 M2
SQ 72 Kg
Bundle 18 Kg
SQ 64 Pcs
  4 Bundle
Bundle 16 Pcs